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Please read before continuing.
  • Daycare Festive Closure: Please note that our Daycare facilities are closed from 19 December 2024 - 07 January 2025.
  • Devonshire Drop-offs: Please note that due to the new neighbours that have moved in next-door to our Devonshire Ave Branch, we can no longer accept any dogs at the Devonshire Ave Branch with no exceptions. This change will be implemented in phases throughout January 2023, and all dogs will be advised to drop their dogs off at our Sangster Road Branch from 01 February 2023.
  • Check-in and Check-out Wait Times: Please note that we now require you to reserve at least 15 mins during drop-off and collection of your dog to ensure that our staff are able to fully assess your dogs health, and general status. Stating that you are in a rush will unfortunately not excuse you from having to go through this process. Please ensure that you allocate enough time for this check-in / check-out procedure to be conducted in full.
  • Dog socialisation assessments: In the coming months, we will be implementing a new assessment requirement for dogs to ensure that they are in-fact social enough to go into social runs. We have found that as a result of COVID, a lot of dogs have become less social, and may not be as comfortable in the social environment as they once was. We will communicate this through to all customers once the process has started.