Grooming FAQs

Grooming FAQs

Any questions you might have regarding our grooming facilities, you can find the answers here!

What days and times are you open?

We are open Monday - Saturday. Our first booking is 08:30 and the last one at 15:00. Appointments can be booked online at - if you have special needs that do not fall within these times, please let our Office  know on 011 463-0296  and we will make every effort to accommodate you. 

What’s included in a bath?

Baths include 1-3 washes with shampoo depending on the state of the dogs’ coat, conditioner if requested, dry either by dryer or hand dry, brush and/or a comb out.

What is included in a Styling Groom?

As above plus a full cut/style based on breed standards and/or your specific requests, nails trimmed, teeth brushed and ears cleaned.

How much does it cost?

Our fees are based on size, behaviour, condition and health of coat, length and density of coat, and length of time between visits. Approximate costs can be found on our website

How often should I get my dog groomed?

The long haired breeds whose coats can form mats, should be groomed every 4 - 6 weeks.  Styling Breeds should be groomed every 6 - 8 weeks depending on the growth rate and the owner’s preference. To maintain a proper manageable coat for non-shedding breeds such as Poodles, Bichons, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Terriers, you should have your dog groomed every 4 - 6 weeks. If they are kept in a very short cut, these breeds may be able to go 8 - 10 weeks. Breeds that have short, shedding coats can usually wait 8 - 12 weeks between grooming appointments, as long as they are brushed regularly at home. 

How old should my puppy be before his first groom?

If you have a pup that is going to require grooming for the whole of its life, then the puppy needs to become familiar with grooming as early as possible after the first set of puppy shots, usually 12 - 16 weeks of age. The first grooming needs to be a pleasant experience.

What is your recommendation for Older Pets?

Older pets need special care and attention. They are unable to stand for long periods of time and if they have long hair then the combing and brushing for a long time can be very hard on their joints and back. Grooming should be done with the dog lying down and then moved from side to side. The style should be kept short and easy to maintain to keep the grooming process to a minimum amount of time. 

How often do nails need trimming?

Generally a dog’s nails need trimming every 6 weeks. If the owner can hear a clicking sound when the dog walks on the tiles then the nails are too long. 

How short can the nails be cut?

The groomer can only cut the nail up to the point where the quick ends. If they are cut shorter the nail will bleed. If the nails are really long, rather cut more frequently until the quick has receded, then it is easier to keep the nails the correct length.

Can I request a particular groomer each time?

Absolutely, most clients have a preference and the dogs build a bond with that groomer, making it much more pleasant for the dog and the groomer.

How long does it usually take?

Bath with no trim: 1.5 - 2 hours. Bath for large dogs or dogs that have a lot of hair: 2+ hours. Matted it may take more time. If you need your dog groomed in less time, please let us know when making your appointment and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What if I need my pet to stay longer than the time to groom them?

We do prefer that the dogs get collected soon after we have let you know they are finished. However we can accommodate dogs that have to stay with us longer in our Triage Unit. This area is undercover and has an Astroturf surface. There is plenty of space for your dog and they will not get dirty. We would request that you let us know when you drop your dog off what time you would be collecting.

Can I bring a picture of how I want my dog styled?

Please do, it assists the groomer and helps with customer satisfaction

Can I stay with my dog and watch?

es you can. Our grooming area is visible and sometimes the groomer may need your assistance with your dog or cat. Sometimes dogs get overly excited if they are able to see their owner, creating an unsafe condition for the dog. If this occurs, we may find it necessary to ask you either to watch from a greater distance or step away so we can safely attend to your dog.

My dog’s hair is knotted, do I need to cut the hair short?

We will always do what is best for the pet in this instance. If the hair has developed matts and these matts lie close to the skin, it is unhealthy for the pet’s skin. It may be possible to dematt the coat, but we will only do this if it doesn’t cause pain to your pet. Unfortunately, the process is often painful or can cause irritation to the animal’s skin. If your cat or dog is matted, we will discuss with you what can be done before we start the process. If we can’t get hold of you then we will do what is in the best interest of the pet.

Can you groom my dog to the breed standard?

Yes, we can. Our groomers are familiar with most of the breed standards and are very experienced with more popular breeds. We encourage you to bring in pictures of previous grooms, if available.

If I am not satisfied with the groom, can I ask for it to be fixed?

Your satisfaction is of prime importance to us! If you notice something when you collect please speak to the groomer and ask for the problem to be sorted. If our staff members have left for the day, please call us within 24 hours so we can arrange a time to fix the problem immediately.

Can I bring my own shampoo?

Absolutely. We use Earthbath shampoos and conditioners which are top of the range and are paraben and soap free, but you are welcome to bring your own shampoo - however we can’t guarantee the final finish. If your veterinarian has prescribed or suggested an alternate shampoo rather than our product please bring it with you. Please note, many prescribed shampoos and conditioners require 5 - 10 minutes of contact time. If this is the case, our groomer will stay with your dog and gently massage the product into their coat and skin. An additional fee will be added for this time.

Do you require a copy of my dog’s vaccination records?

Yes, please send this to the office before your first appointment.

Do you express anal glands?

We only do this on request or if we notice they are blocked and smell.