Training FAQs

Training FAQs

Any questions you might have regarding our dog training, you can find the answers here!

What equipment do you use in class?

We use harnesses with two points of contact and double clip leads. All equipment is available for sale in our Vet Shop on the premises

What if I miss a class?

With the voucher system, you never miss out on classes. Your voucher only gets stamped when you actually attend the class. Because we have a number of Instructors in each class you just carry on from where you left off in your previous class.

What should I do if I arrive late for class?

It is best to come back the following week. It is very distracting for the Instructor and the rest of the people and their dogs, if you arrive late for class. Should you have had your voucher stamped, please ask one of the staff to cancel that stamp.

Can I pay per lesson?

Yes, you can - the cost is R200 per lesson payable at our reception point on the day you come. 

Are there still classes when it rains?

Yes, there are still classes if it rains. It is very important that dogs learn to work and have fun on wet surfaces and during storms, so they don't become afraid of thunder, lightning and rain. We do classes in the Boma,  please bring along an umbrella and rain jacket.

What must I bring with me to class?

Your puppy training bag, if you have purchased one from us, a treat bag and soft treats. If you don’t have a bag you can bring along a dog toothbrush, toothpaste, a grooming brush, a retrieve toy, poo bags. If you are doing the scent class then you will also need to bring a scent cloth. 

Can I use my dogs normal food?

Ideally not, unless your dog is on a special diet and is not allowed anything else. The food your dog gets every day is really not motivating enough when there are so many distractions in the class and plenty of other dogs to play with.

Can I feed my dog before class?

No, otherwise you will not be able to use food as a reward. You will have a very unmotivated dog and if it’s a puppy, all they will want to do is have a lovely nap in the sun.

Can I work with two dogs if I am the only handler?

It is not possible to work with two dogs if you are the only human with them. Rather bring one dog on another day. If you don’t want to leave one dog at home, you can put the dog you are not working with into one of the daycare runs to play with the dogs in daycare, or into a single run if the dogs is not social

Will I have to use the clicker and treats for the rest of my dog’s life?

No, the clicker is used until your dog understands the behaviour well. The clicker and treats will be faded out as your dog progresses and then only used to teach new behaviours. However do remember that you wouldn't want to go to work and not be paid!

How long do I need to practice what we have learnt in class, each day?

Your Instructor will be very happy if you are able to practise for 10 mins a day. 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins in the afternoon.This can be done whilst you are feeding your dog, using his food as the reward.

Can I bring my dog to class if she is in season

No, unfortunately not. We cannot have bitches in season on the same property with unsterilised male dogs.

Can I bring my dog to class if she/he is ill or has diarrhoea?

No, unfortunately not. Please don’t come onto the property if your dog is ill. In puppy class some of the pups have not been fully vaccinated so it is not safe for them to be in contact with sick dogs.